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    About Sheffrec Cycling Club - Sheffield

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Sheffrec Cycling Club - A History

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Sheffrec CC - 1991 - Back row left to right - Martin Brown, Jed Harrison, Mick Boustred, Darrcoh Marshall, Andrew Reynolds, Mark Burton, Matt Brogan.
    Front row, left to right - Chris Horsfield, Carl South, Matt McNaughton, Chris Dale, Marc Etches, John Smith, Chris ?, Steve Brogan

    Originally called Team Sheffrec, the club was formed in 1989 by a group of Sheffield Recreation workers (hence the name). The founder members were: Brian Brogan, Dave Mappin, Chris Dale, Martin Brown, Ed Joy, Mick Boustred and Wayne Peacock. This was a very active road racing club competing in Time Trials, Grass Track, Road Racing as well as the odd Cyclo-Cross and even some mountain biking events. The early 1990's were a great time for Team Sheffrec with Matt McNaughton winning several junior MTB races and Marc Etches claimed a series win at Clipstone Forest. Founder member, Wayne Peacock went on to win major road races in France during the Summer of 1992.

    Now renamed 'Sheffrec Cycling Club', we still maintain a focus on the competitive aspects of cycling, but have extended the range of activities and placed a greater emphasis on the social side. Our core activity is the Sunday Club Run, which aims to be as inclusive as possible, with newcomers and younger riders welcomed and every effort being made to keep all riders together throughout the day. On most occasions we head out from Malin Bridge into different parts of the the beautiful (but sometimes challenging) Peak District for rides of around 55 miles, taking in a cafe stop. On normally the first Sunday of each month, for a change, we head out east from Wicker Arches towards the flatter roads of South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire. We pride ourselves on an ethos of One Love (which is emblazoned on our kit) and aim to practice this by encouraging new and younger members to progress. We have a number of BC-qualified coaches in the Club and they and other more experienced riders are on hand to advise and guide novice riders. So come and give us a try - no obligation to join unless you enjoy your ride with us enough to make you want to repeat the experience.

    The racing element is of course an important aspect of our activities. We have enjoyed several senior road race wins over the years, as well as victories in schoolboy and veteran categories. Sheffrec is also strongly represented in Time Trials and Hill Climbs. Our best year to date has got to be 2011 when we claimed several senior road race wins, were the best performing Yorkshire-based Club in British Cycling Yorkshire events and had a strong representation in the North Midlands Road Race League. These successes were significantly down to Daniel Storey, whose success gave him !st Category status and led on to a contract with the TSR-Trigon racing team. There were also strong performances from Ashley Proctor, who was 2nd in the Yorkshire Regional Road Race Championships (and went on the join the Altura-Sportscover cycling team), Alex Mitchell and Mike Hutton who both moved up to 2nd Category status.

    We could not hope to continue with this exceptional level of success, since we are an unsponsored Club and are more than happy to see those members who show exceptional talent move to clubs who can provide them with greater material support. However, 2012 saw fresh racing successes for Sheffrec members with strong rides from James Allen and Jon Wolff.

    Sheffrec are also very active in the organising of events. We promoted the BC Yorkshire Championships in 2011 and our own Spring Road race, which was very well supported and popular among riders across the region. For the last two years we helped organise and provided the marshalls for the Claremont Sheffield Grand Prix, the 2012 race incorporated the National Women's Criterium Championship: these were held on a closed circuit around Sheffield city centre and were so successful that the event is now firmly on the Elite Circuit Series Calendar. The 2014 event will be the Elite Circuit Series finale held on Wednesday 23rd July.

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Youth racing and training is catered for through our management of the recently completed closed 1km circuit at Forge Valley School at Stannington, building on our organisation of the Wombwell Youth League. In addition to the many youth events, sessions for adults are being arranged.

    On the time trailling front, we organise our own 10 (which also serves as our Club TT Championship) and 25 mile events as well as an early season 2-up 25. Again, we could not surpass in 2012 the successes of Rob Townsend the previous year (who broke the Club 10, 25 and 30 mile records as well as setting a course record in the VTTA North Mids 30 mile event. However, time trialling continues to be very popular among our members, with a fair number taking up this discipline for the first time last year.

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    We are proud to be the orgaisers of the Simplyhealth Monsal Hilll Climb, which has been run since 1930 and is one of the most prestigious hill climb events in the country. Past winners include Tommy Simpson, Chris Walker, Malcolm Elliott and more recently Russeel and Dean Downing. last year the event was won by Jack Pullar who went on to take the National Hilll Climb Championship a few weeks later. The event invariably attracts a full field of 120, including many from Sheffrec, who set off from the Cressbrook Road and one minute intervals making for the Monsal Head Hotel. In 2012, James Allen set a new Club record of 1:28.8 minutes.

    We have had trips over to the Manchester Velodrome a few times in the past for Club exclusive sessions, though the huge popularity of track cycling, particularly following the Olympics, makes these very difficult to organise.

    On the sportive/Audax scene, we have a number of members who participate regularly. In past years members have ridden such as Tour of the Peak, Fred Whitton (the most challenging hills in the Lake District), Etape Caledonia, London-Edinburgh-London, Paris-Brest-Paris, La Marmotte, Les Trois Ballons, Maratona dles Dolomites and several have achieved the Randonneur Round the Year award, by completing at least one organised Audax ride of 200 kilometres or more over 12 consecutive months. Sheffrec organises its own Audax rides, with a 100 and 200 kilometre ride at Easter (the Full Monty and Mini-Monty) and a 300 kilometre ride in July (You Cannock Be Serious).

    Each autumn we have an awards ceremony, in recent years at the Rutland Hotel, where the many achievements of Club members are recognised and all have a good deal to eat and drink.

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    There are also some less serious events:

    • Each autumn we have a Club Freewheel Championship, which involves a short, sharp descent followed by a gentle uphill, with cranks tied to chainstays. The rider who makes it furthest up the hill is the winner

    • There is a Club 'retro' ride one Sunday in the summer, when all get out their old bikes and/or team shirts from the past to enjoy a taste of cycling in yesteryear

    • We normally undertake a 'Circuit of Sheffield' early in the season, a 70-odd mile round the outskirts of Sheffield and Rotherham.

    • The Tour of Strines, a Sunday ride that takes in all of the many climbs between Loxley Valley and Langsett, involving 8500 feet of climbing over the 54 mile route. Many have started, fewer have finished.

    • The annual Christmas Fancy Dress run has featured in the Sheffield Star, as members don their most outlandish garb (as well as Father Christmas we have had such as Superman, pirates, knights in armour, Snoopy, Iron Man, hippies, gorillas, Mr.T, Thomas the Tank Engine and airmail letters). The ride is followed by a meal and drink in a local hostelry, with the prize of free club membership the following year for the rider judged to have produced the best costume.

    • Social evenings are arranged in local Sheffield pubs on an ad hoc basis throughout the year

    As well as rides around the Sheffield area, we also have an annual trip to Cleethorpes and back one Sunday in the summer, with a support van. Fish and chips by the sea-front, followed by an ice-cream beside the pier. And most years there is the chance to have a cycling weekend away: in the past we have been to Shropshire, Wales and County Durham.

    We also usually undertake a ride in support of a deserving (normally young) individual or charity that is connected with Sheffield. This ride has raised over £45,000, as well as providing enjoyable, though challenging, rides to such as Whitby, Rhyl and Scarborough.

    There is at least one Club foreign holiday each year, to such as Mallorca (in the Spring), the Alps, the Pyrenees, Mont Ventoux.

    So come along and have a ride with us - I am sure you will enjoy the warm welcome and friendly banter that make Sheffrec Cycling Club the club everyone knows and loves!

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Sheffrec CC - 1991 Charity ride departs from the Wicker, Sheffield City Centre.
    Club Records - Men's Individual

    5 mile

    2009 Daryl May 11.53

    2015 Lee Woodhead 11.40

    10 mile

    2006 Ant Evans 23.48

    2007 Daryl May 21.26

    2009 Pete Wood 21.19

    2010 Rob Townsend 20.53

    2010 Steve Hollowood 20.50

    2011 Rob Townsend 20.18

    2011 Rob Townsend 19.45

    25 mile

    2006 Ant Evans 1.00.21

    2007 Daryl May 57.19

    2008 Daryl May 57.12

    2009 Daryl May 55.28

    2009 Ant Evans 55.23

    2009 Daryl May 54.16

    2010 Steve Hollowood 53.28

    2011 Rob Townsend 53.27

    2011 Rob Townsend 52.11

    2015 Andy Turner 51.26

    2015 Andy Turner 51.08

    30 mile

    2010 Daryl May 1.13.41

    2011 Rob Townsend 1.03.10

    50 mile

    2007 Ian Hull 2.31.23

    2008 Daryl May 1.55.28

    2009 Daryl May 1.54.29

    2011 Daryl May 1.53.41

    2014 Daryl May 1.51.51

    Team (3 riders)

    10 mile

    2007 Henry Foxhall, 23.31; Daryl May, 23.39; Tris Ross, 24.12 - 1 hour 11 mins 22 seconds

    2007 Ant Evans, 22.45; Graham Waller, 23.01; Tris Ross, 24.12 - 1 hour 9 mins 58 seconds

    2008 Graham Waller, 22.28; Marc Etches, 22.33; Peter Wood, 22.36 - 1 hour 7 mins 37 seconds

    2014 Keith Ainsworth, 20.03; Daryl May, 20.37; Dave Staniland, 22.25 - 1 hour 3 mins 5 seconds

    25 mile

    2008 Graham Waller, 59.19; Daryl May, 1.02.31; Ant Evans, 1.03.02 - 3 hours 4 mins 52 seconds

    2009 Peter Wood, 56.14; Daryl May, 57.40; Ant Evans, 58.57 - 2 hours 52 mins 51 seconds

    2015 Andy Turner 51.51, Daryl May 54.41, Chris Melia 57.28 2 hours 44 mins 1 second

    Club Records - Women's Individual

    10 mile

    2011 Denise Bayliss 23.34

    2015 Alix Archer 23.14

    2015 Chris Melia 22.33

    25 mile

    2015 Chris Melia 57.28

    2015 Chris Melia 55.59

    50 mile

    2015 Chris Melia 1.59.12

    Club Records - Junior Men's Individual

    10 mile

    2008 Ashley Proctor 26.56

    2009 Ashley Proctor 25.31

    25 mile

    2010 Ashley Proctor 1.01.27

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Wayne Peacock after winning in France.

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Back row left to right - Darrcoh Marshall, Jed Harrison, Andrew Reynolds, Chris Horsfield, Mark Burton, Matt Brogan, Mick Boustred, Dave Mappin. Front row, left to right - Brian Brogan & Ed Joy.

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Scarborough Charity ride, 1991 raised £570.00 for the Ryegate Centre in Sheffield.

    Other records

    Monsal Hill Climb – Sheffrec Hill Climb Champions

    2007 Marc Etches 1.36.5

    2008 Marc Etches 1.39.1

    2009 James Allen 1.33.3

    2010 Dan Storey 1.33.2

    2011 James Allen 1.31.0

    2012 James Allen 1.28.8

    2013 Ashley Proctor 1.30.2

    2014 Liam O'Toole 1.29.3

    2015 Callum Stewart 1.32.9

    Womens Hill Climb Champions

    2015 Julia Van Campen 2:08.5

    Tandem 10 Mile

    2011 Fiona Maisey and Henry Foxhall 24:36

    25 mile 2-up

    2006 Ant Evans and Marc Etches 1.05.59

    2007 Daryl May and Marc Etches 1.02.32

    2007 Ted Tuncliffe and Tris Ross 1.01.10

    2008 Daryl May and Graham Waller 56.38

    2011 Daryl May and Rob Townsend 55.24

    Mens Club Time Trial Champions

    2008 Ant Evans

    2009 Graham Waller

    2010 Daryl May

    2011 Rob Townsend

    2012 Daryl May

    2013 Aidy Dench

    2013 Keith Ainsworth

    2014 Andy Turner

    Womens Club Time Trial Champions

    2015 Alix Archer

    25 Mile Handicap Trophy

    2009 Pete Wood

    2010 Steve Hollowood

    2011 Rob Townsend

    2012 Clara Sandelind

    2013 Keith Ainsworth

    2014 Keith Ainsworth

    2015 Chris Melia

    Club Freewheel Champions

    2008 Simon Jackson

    2009 Simon Jackson

    2010 Marc Etches

    2011 John Walker

    2012 Will Glover

    2013 Andy Hilton

    2014 Marc Etches

    2015 Matt Newton

    Trevor Ward Trophy

    2007 Julian Humphrey

    2008 Marc Etches

    2009 James Thompson

    2010 Daryl May

    2011 Ashley Proctor

    2012 Marc Etches

    2013 Keith Ainsworth

    2014 Marc Etches

    2015 Marc Etches

    Roadman of the Year

    2008 Marc Etches

    2009 James Thompson

    2010 Daniel Storey

    2011 Daniel Storey

    2012 Jon Wolff

    2013 Jon Wolff

    2014 Clara Sandelind

    2015 Julia Van Campen

    Best All Rounder

    2000 Andrew Dawson

    2001 Chris Bradley

    2002 Chris Dale

    2003 Adam Bookes

    2004 Shaun Hale

    2005 Marc Etches

    2006 Daniel Storey

    2007 Marc Etches

    2008 Pete Wood

    2009 James Thompson

    2010 Daniel Storey

    2011 Ashley Proctor

    2012 James Allen

    2013 Keith Ainsworth

    2014 Luke Allen

    2015 Julia Van Campen

    Most Improved Rider

    2005 John Lewis

    2006 Steve Bye

    2007 Daryl May

    2008 Ashley Proctor

    2009 James Thompson

    2010 Daniel Storey

    2011 Alex Mitchell

    2012 Keith Ainsworth

    2013 Lee Woodhead

    2014 MArk Cuckson

    2015 Julia Van Campen

    Clubman of the Year

    2000 Eric Ambler

    2001 Marc Etches

    2002 Adam Brookes

    2003 Marc Etches

    2004 Eric Ambler

    2005 Marc Etches

    2006 Rob Wormald

    2007 Marc Etches

    2008 Simon Jackson

    2009 Marc Etches

    2010 Neil Proctor

    2011 Marc Etches

    2012 Mark Hall

    2013 Marc Etches

    2014 Matthew Harriss

    2015 Luke Allen

    Outstanding Achievement Award

    2015 Luke Allen - Transcontinental 2015

    Club Captains

    2000 Chris Bradley

    2001 Shaun Hale

    2002 Adam Brookes

    2003 Adam Brookes

    2004 Rob Wormald

    2005 Brent Storey

    2006 Ted Tunnicliffe

    2007 Clive Marsden

    2008 Simon Jackson

    2009 Simon Jackson

    2010 Neil Proctor

    2011 Neil Proctor

    2012 Nick Downham

    2013 Ted Tunnicliffe

    2014 Dave Staniland

    2015 Nicola Holloway

    Club Secretary

    1989 - 1997 - Brian Brogan

    1997 - 1999 - Jason Burke

    1999 - Present - Marc Etches

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Sheffrec CC / ACU-Sport. The MTB section sponsored by ACU-Sport.

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Sheffrec ACU-Sport MTB Team. Left to Right - Carl South, Steve Brogan, John Smith, Matt McNaughton, Chris ?, Marc Etches, Chris Dale.

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Marc Etches, Bingley Park, Bradford. 1991.

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Steve Brogan, Bingley Park, Bradford. 1991.

    Sheffrec Cycling Club

    Founder of Sheffrec CC, Brian Brogan with the Sheffrec CC / ACU-Sport MTB Team. Sponsor Bernie Nolan far right.
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